Business Branding

This is a semester long project which focused on branding for a virtual business on my own creation. My company is called PawFeast which focuses on distributing high-end dog food to target populations. This work was under instruction of the instructor, Kevin Steele.


Before visual design, I did a quick mind-map to brainstorm on all the aspects that relate to this brand: from dogs' characteristics to owners' expectations; from functionalities of my site to the key qualities of dog food; from the general images to the feelings of package, etc. This process helped the next step ideation.

Sketch, Sketch, Sketch!

After research and brainstorming, is a massive work session with a lot of sketches. I explored about 50 different directions to seek the one idea that fits the brand the best.

After I choosed the one idea, I started to iterate on it. Below is a simplified demo which shows the key stages of revolution.

Everyone in the class mounted our works onto the wall for an overall critique from the instructor and peers.

Business card design, horizontal version.

Business card design, vertical version.

Business Collateral Package

Once designed the logo, I started the design for a standard business collateral package, including two versions of business card, a letterhead, and an envelope. 

Letterhead and envelope design.

Interactive App

Here I designed an interactive app to promote the brand awareness, as well as provide a B2C platform, and a loyalty program.